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With TAGGINN.COM you find out the total scans for a specified period, the bounce rate on landing pages, the decoders used, the location of the user and so much more!

2D Code Tracking Analytics

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Create your QR code or Microsoft TAG with TAGGINN.COM, print it on your business cards, brochures, flyers, business stationary, billboards, milk cartons – everything!

2D Code Tracking Analytics

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The same analytics reports are available for viewing in a mobile device, with an interface specifically designed for mobile devices.

QR Code Tracking Analytics

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When Yoav Medan’s mother Judith passed away in June, the Israel-based medical technology executive couldn’t decide what he wanted to write on her tombstone. After deliberating with his family, Medan decided to turn to technology for the answer and attach a QR code to the grave in Haifa, Israel.

Zappos has launched an ad campaign that expands the definition of “interactive” — by using QR codes to let consumers dress naked models featured in print ads.

When Google quietly discontinued support for QR codes in its Places product earlier this year, many saw it as an early death knell for QR codes, which are barcodes that lead to URLs or information when scanned. But Google’s acquisition Monday of Mountain View, Calif.-based startup Punchd shows that the search giant may not be completely abandoning QR technology just yet.

BlackBerry have been running a rather sweet TV ad in India in which a young girl surreptitiously shows a young boy her QR Coded bracelet so that he can add her to his BlackBerry Messenger service (video below).

Here is a great way to integrate an online shopping experience into people’s offline world. Tesco, in the Korean market, wanted to become the No. 1 retailer without increasing the number of their stores. Knowing that the Koreans are the 2nd most hard-working country in the world and where grocery shopping once a week is a dreaded task. Tesco decided to bring life-like shopping to subway stations to make it more convenient for people to shop.

QR Codes are matrix-type, two-dimensional codes that accomplish three primary goals:

1. meet the needs of today's advanced information society for information diversification,
2. achieve high-capacity storage
3. record product management information in the smallest amount of space possible.

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