QR Code Campaigns

With TAGGINN.COM you find out the total scans for a specified period, the bounce rate on landing pages, the decoders used, the location of the user and so much more!

2D Code Tracking Analytics

Grow Your Business

Create your QR code or Microsoft TAG with TAGGINN.COM, print it on your business cards, brochures, flyers, business stationary, billboards, milk cartons – everything!

2D Code Tracking Analytics

Mobile reports

The same analytics reports are available for viewing in a mobile device, with an interface specifically designed for mobile devices.

QR Code Tracking Analytics

2D Code News

mobilemarketer.com - Heinz Ketchup is once again enlisting QR codes on its packaging to help deliver a marketing message while simultaneously driving awareness and excitement for the brand. Read more

mashable.com - We’ve seen a website made of bacon, so I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that someone has now come up with an edible QR Code. Read more

2d-code.co.uk - Empathica’s latest Consumer Insights Panel survey of more than 6,500 U.S. consumers (weighted to reflect the latest census distributions including age, income, region and gender) shows that price comparisons are the most frequent in-store mobile action. Read more

2d-code.co.uk - QR Codes have been used in an interesting way by Gulf News the highest circulation English newspaper in and around the United Arab Emirates. Coffee cup sleeves at 5 local Tim Hortons cafe and bake shops were printed on demand with a QR Code and a headline of the hour pulled from the newspaper’s Twitter stream. The QR Code resolved to the full story of the headline. Read more

clickthrough-marketing.com - When QR codes first appeared, there were many sceptics who dismissed them as a fad, and claimed they would never gain popularity in the UK. However, those opinions have been proven wrong and there has been a steady rise in their usage since then. Read more

dailymail.co.uk - A dairy farm has come up with a new form of farming technology - putting  QR codes on to cows. The idea behind the digital bar-codes at Southfields farm in Somerby, Leicestershire, is to give consumers more information about their cows’ lives.
Read more

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