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QR Code Tracking Analytics

“How Do you See It?” An outline form of the Egyptian Shawabtys and Etruscan Cista Handle decorate current Cleveland Art Museum promotions with QR code and take visitors on a tour with their phones.

Since the campaign began early summer, Cleveland Art Museum has had roughly 400 scans, according to Christa Skiles, assistant director of communications, linking smartphone users to an online version of the audio tour. “The tour is for the new galleries that opened at the museum this summer: ancient Near East, Greek, Roman, Egyptian art; Byzantine and medieval art; African art; and prints and drawings.”

The QR code takes art enthusiasts right to the museum’s new webpage, driving web traffic, and allowing tours to be heard right off your smartphone, promoting the new galleries. That’s something the museum could not do with traditional forms of advertising, said Skiles.

The poster-sized art ads are in 11 different kiosk locations throughout Cleveland, including Little Italy and Tremont. The ads also ran in the print version of the Plain Dealer, Scene, and smaller-sized posters can be found hanging in local libraries and other social areas.

The art museum does not have online advertising, but their website is used for visitors to plan their visit, and the site does reach out to a broader audience, like those who used to live in Cleveland and still want to follow it, said Skiles.

Tim Brokaw, a managing partner at a Cleveland advertising agency, said the QR codes attract younger audiences, and that the art museum decided to use them to be attractive for people who use emerging technologies.

QR code can be embedded right into your company or organization’s print ads to link them to different forms of digital interaction like a website, an audio tour, video, and share options on Facebook and other social media.

Source Capstone Media

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