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2D Code Tracking Analytics

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QR Code Tracking Analytics

QR codes: they are popping up everywhere and yet there are still millions of businesses not understanding how they can leverage the power of a QR code.

Your own flexible QR code can allow your customers to reach out to you in ways that are meaningful to them, convenient to them and you are seen as helpful instead of as pushy. There have been new technologies that allow you to update your QR codes without reprinting them.

How many times have you gone to a conference and run out of cards?

When have you wanted to know more details about a restaurant before you took the time to visit?

What have you done when you wanted to know about a house you saw listed but no on answered the phone and you are busy choosing right then and there?

Do you remember wanting to call someone you saw in traffic and could not write down their phone number off their sign fast enough?

Let’s look at 12 simple, easy ways local businesses are missing out on when not using QR Codes.

1. Measurable Business Cards

Often times we recognize the need still for business cards, yet ask ourselves why do I pay for these things then have to pay to reprint them, whether you change address, emails, phone number or even open a new business? What if you could use one QR code and just change your information being fed to the QR code instead?
What if you could see how many people visited your site from the stats via your QR Code?

2. Daily Lunch Specials

Restaurants spend a lot of money updating their menus. In a day and time when everyone including restaurants are looking for ways to make their dollars go further who wouldn’t want to use a QR code that lets them update their daily specials on the tables using a QR code. Can you see customers using their smart phones to look at what they want to order that’s available that day?
You found another gamification opportunity to get their attention, will you heed the call?

3. Driving Line of Sight

Am I the only one who has seen a truck, say for a florist or an air conditioning company, that I wanted to get their number to do business with them off the side of their truck but by the time I found a “working pen” in my car the light changed and the opportunity was lost? What if that was your business?
How helpful would a QR code have been if I could quickly snap a picture and voila I have you!

4. House in an Instant

Remembering the last time I was house hunting it was very different, Realtors started using yard signs and you had to call them. Then they started adding those sheets of paper with pictures to show you what’s inside so you would be tempted to book a viewing. Now, what if you had a QR code on the sign instead you could take picture of and gives you all the info needed to decide if that house is for you to see and schedule a visit? Gives your customers the info they need when they want it, increases your ability to attract new business.
Will you give them that easy way to reach you?

5. Running Out of Cards

How many times have you been at a conference or meeting and ran out of business cards ( or we won’t tell on you- you plain ol’ forgot them). Using your smart phone you can deliver your contact information from you business card via your QR code. Just hold up your phone click voila exchange.
How cool is it you never get caught running out of business cards again?

6. Taking Pictures at a Parade

What better way to connect with your local customers than to support a contest in your local parade using QR codes? This was just tested in a fun way. There was a parade where the floats all used QR codes, one was explaining a QR code scavenger hunt, then second one QR code that was a letter that ended up giving an answer. Everyone hunted all the letters using QR codes and it was a fun community game via the local parade.
How can you use QR codes in a fun way with your local community?

7. Billboards are Back

Finding great ways to integrate traditional with new media using your QR code on billboards are a great way to accomplish that. The smart phone user likes simple and simply clicking a picture at a billboard helps them to not have to remember their info or stop to write it down (who wants to do that while driving).
Can you think of a campaign that would benefit having city wide exposure via a billboard and details could be connecting with you via the QR code?

8. Put a Bow on Your Gift

When you have freebies and give-aways for example fun items like Frisbees, put your QR code on it and the attention and mystery allows you to connect with the parents. If you use give-aways put a bow on your gift and place your QR code on it.
Imagine using QR codes in this fun manner and the conversations it could stir up by others saying-what is that?

9. Touch Point on the Fly

Think about how you can make it fun and easy for your customer to connect with you. Many different types of businesses can use QR codes. If you are in Mary Kay you can print QR codes on self stickers you make up to make it easier for them to reorder from you. What if you put a QR code on the AC unit you installed?

How will you use your imagination on where you can place those quick and easy stickers with your QR code?
Where does it make sense for you to place QR stickers for your business?

10. Wear Your Next Referral

Use the newness of QR codes. Place it on t-shirts and let your next referral snap your QR code as they walk past you. Imagine being at Disney and you get to talking with some of the Moms standing in line and they ask what do you do and WHAM you are the answer to a problem then have, who has cards on them at Disney? They do have their smart phone taking pictures.
How much business are you willing to let come your way with a fun t-shirt while on vacation?

11. Make Your Biz a Work of Art

Each business has it’s own uniqueness. Some are more fun, some more serious, some more beautiful and others a piece of art. What if your business was more artistic, how about having an artist make your QR code into a piece of art. One client had his son create the QR code with Legos and it was fun and still, YES, a picture took you to that QR page.
What unique ways can you personalize your QR code to differentiate you?

12. Make it Easy on Your Customers

Whether you place your QR code next to your hours on the door-talking about that months special or about a new product you are carrying for them, finding ways to make it easy for your customers is one way QR codes can help you set yourself apart.

Imagine using QR codes on your menu that gives a multi media story when they clicked to learn how this dish is cooked!
How will you have fun with QR codes while serving your customers needs this year?

Source 12most.com

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