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With TAGGINN.COM you find out the total scans for a specified period, the bounce rate on landing pages, the decoders used, the location of the user and so much more!

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Create your QR code or Microsoft TAG with TAGGINN.COM, print it on your business cards, brochures, flyers, business stationary, billboards, milk cartons – everything!

2D Code Tracking Analytics

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The same analytics reports are available for viewing in a mobile device, with an interface specifically designed for mobile devices.

QR Code Tracking Analytics

The top five uses for QR code for realtors are probably 5 of the best I’ve used thus far.

1. On your real estate sign: If you aren’t using a QR code on your signs then you are way behind the curve. Putting a QR code on your sign is relatively easy or you can order a sign from a QR code sign company and have the code embedded on your sign. The upside to having a QR code on your sign is that they really cut down on the amount of phone calls you receive from “Lookey Loo’s” that waste your time. Anyone that is intersted in the home you are listing can simply download a QR reader and then scan you the code and get all the information on the home in one simple swipe. There are many services out there that will provide a QR code for you then direct them to a site where the interested party can get all the info they need without picking up the phone and bothering you, the listing agent. Plus, any company that will provide to you the code embedded in the sign will also provide to you a mobile optimized website that is easily readable on a mobile device. A big plus for any mobile user to have access to.

2. Add the code to your flyers that you are distributing or the advertisements you are running on Craigslist, newspapers etc. You can embed the code with a youtube video and then direct them to your YouTube channel where they can get pictures or even a video of the property. Basically, YouTube is now doing the work for you while you spend time with your family.

3. Put the QR Code on your website. The code will link to your bio, your listings, etc. Anyone with a QR code reader can be sitting in front of their computer, scan the code and be directed to your bio info.

4. Put the same QR code on your business cards. This one is a no brainer. You can embedd the code with whatever information you want a potential client to know about you; your bio, current or past listings, your philosophy, etc.

5. Link a QR code to your Facebook page! Doesn’t get any simpler than that. If you aren’t using Facebook then you must be living on another planet. Simply put, if you are a real estate agent and you aren’t using a QR code then you truly aren’t taking advantage of all the useful tools available to you in this current social media thriving world we are living in. You need a competitve edge in this market and you need to be able to go to a listing appointment and show a potential client you are using every resource available to market their home.

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