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Total produce is among the Europe’s premier brands in fresh produce business. They are involved in the growing, importing, packaging and distributing and marketing of fresh produce. They operate in about 19 countries and provide almost 90 facilities. QR codes are quick response codes which when integrated with the packaging enable the consumer to access complete information on the fruit or vegetable immediately.


By introducing the new range of SmartPacks integrated with QR codes Total Produce have become first in the field of FMCG suppliers to use these codes in their packaging products. Marketing Manager of Total Produce, Vincent Dolan expressed that he was pleased to become the first in Europe to use the technology of QR codes. The use of these codes in packaging stemmed from the demand of consumers to be fully aware of the fresh food items they purchase. In a many recent surveys it was found that consumers wanted to know more about the products they purchase and to provide the customers with their needs Total produce came up with SmartPacks with QR codes. The QR codes can be read using any smart phone. The smart phone picks up the code and then the consumer is directed to Total Produce’s website for consumers, topfruit.com. In this website the smart phone will automatically guide the user to an appropriate section where the user can know all that he wishes to. For example for the Dragon Fruit also known as Pitahaya the QR code will direct the consumer to a page featuring a video which explains how the fruit can be prepared or cooked.

The website topfruit.com features a huge collection of videos on how to prepare and serve the product, ample nutrition advice, and recipes. Total Produce have also taken the help of one of the top nutritionist of Ireland, Paula Mee and renowned South African Chef Rozzane Stevens. Both of them work to provide content that is appropriate in the present scenario and ensure that the information that is available on the website is relevant. There is also a TopFruit page on Facebook where weekly updates are uploaded about the nutrition guidance and also the recipe of the week.

Source: packagingmachinerynews.com

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